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Frances Phipps

He Has Come

Release Date: December 8, 2020
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This CD project is a storyboard and this story is familiar to all Christians. We find ourselves at various points on the storyboard at various times but the important thing is that we see Jesus at every point. Why? Because…

HE HAS COME and IN JESUS, THE SON OF GOD we see God’s eternal plan for the salvation of mankind; God’s Son made it possible for sinners to become children of God. Jesus has given the invitation to men and women… “COME TO ME” in order to find true rest in this life and in eternity. His sacrifice on the cross to pay the debt for our sin that we could never pay causes us to say “THANK YOU” from the bottom of hearts. God’s children find refuge in THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY, knowing that in this tumultuous life, He alone provides the safety and shelter we need. And because we are children of God, we want to see Him at work in our lives and in the world around us, so we ask Him To “PULL BACK THE CURTAIN FOR ME”. When trials come, we ask Him to be the LIFTER OF MY HEAD, all the while declaring “I WANT TO BE MORE LIKE YOU”. No matter the trials that come in this life, we know that Jesus, who is omnipotent and sovereign, will rule and reign over all the earth in the not too distant future… all wise people declare to Jesus, “THIS YOUR RIGHT TO DO”.

The delight of all of God’s children is to MAKE HIS PRAISE GLORIOUS because we know that all along the storyboard of our short lives, Jesus has been there. HE CAME; Eternal God came to the earth in the flesh. He lived a perfect life and died a sinners death in our place so that we might be saved from the penalty of sin, which is eternal death and separation from God. HE CAME to free us from our slavery to sin and self…that we might be children of God and bring Him the glory He deserves. These songs represent just a few of the myriad of ways God has graciously made Himself known to us!     Frances Phipps 2020


Frances Phipps (unless otherwise noted)-Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Percussion

Ian Bail-Dobro & Drum Track (Track 3)

Nicole Chan-Cajon (Track 1, 5 & 8)

Anastasia Dulebohn– Keyboard (Track 9)

Chien-Wei Kung-Violin (Track 1 & 9)

Elly Ursol– Keyboard (Track 6)

Paul Ursol– Saxophone (Track 4)

Matt Wolf– Drum Kit (Track 6 & 10)

Jon Wood– Lead Guitar (Tracks 2, 7 &10) Bass (Track 5, 7 &10)


Special Thanks-

*Each musician for contributing their time, talent and creativity! *Greg Stoever for the time and care given in reviewing the songs for doctrinal content and clarity *Jon Wood for being a helpful and kind sounding board as well as “instumental” in making my simple songs special *Ian Bail for the input on arrangement & mixing *Reggie Langendoerfer for the patience and skill in the final mixing & mastering of the project *The Young Marrieds Choir (Track 10) Tryston & Maile Cruz, Joshua & Anna Lee DeJong, Peter & Anastasia Dulebohn, Graham & Jalima Gomes, Joe Phipps, Lindsay Redman, Greg & Laurie Stoever, Tyler & Katy Stoever, Paul & Elly Ursol, Jon & Rahnie Wood *Joe Phipps for being my biggest cheerleader, co-author of Track 6 (and photographer!)


Music, production & recording by Frances Phipps @ TheCraftroomStudio
Track 6 lyrics by Joe & Frances Phipps
Photography Joe Phipps, Artwork Frances Phipps
Mixed and Mastered @ TheCraftroomStudio and Bakersfield Music & Recording Studios (

All rights reserved © 2020