Presenting…He Has Come!

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When I began recording this CD project in October 2019, I knew I had a bunch of songs that were particularly focused on the person and work of Jesus Christ. As the recording, mixing and mastering of this CD has progressed and the year 2020 has unfolded, these songs have become very precious reminders of who Jesus is. These songs have reminded me how I should view current events in relation to the truth of who He is.

Although these songs were all written before the year 2020 (some of them started to take shape at least 5 years prior), they seem particularly pertinent to the current events we are living through. The songs that make up the CD project “He Has Come” are a declaration of the person and work of Christ in the past, present and future. Each biblical truth found in these songs has been a comfort to me in recent days and I pray they bring comfort and peace to your soul as you listen! Presenting the CD release of “He Has Come”!